Whether you want to embroider uniforms, personalize a gift, or give your team a look to make them proud, embroidery is a strong solution. It's not just shirts either! Embroidery has many applications including jackets, hats, beanies, blankets, and more! Embroidery is a popular choice for many businesses and groups looking for a high quality solution that will last and look amazing. There are few limitations to what we can embroider, and like Jim always says; "If you can draw it with a sharpie, then we can embroider it."


At Afterburner FX we can create many special variations of traditional embroidery. Some, like Applique or Tackle Twill involve using the embroidery to attach separate fabrics such as pre-made letters or full custom designs. We can also sew in sequins or create three dimensional effects. Your design can also be made into patches and we offer many special order options through our domestic or international partners to get the exact embroidery effect you need.